So what are you doing this weekend?

Date - March 3, 2015 / Author - Andrea Dashiell / Category - Bakery, Business, Family, Hello

“What are you doing this weekend Drea?”



Well not every weekend, but for the past ten years, being the owner of Honeecakes Bakery has cancelled many occasions to just hang out.  At age 16, when I first started, imagine how stressful it was to miss out on birthday parties, dates, dinners, and hearing “you never have time, you’re always baking” from friends (read: FUN) because I had to bake… because I was an entrepreneur.

Then one day I stopped complaining.

It took me awhile, but overtime as my passion grew for entrepreneurship and for Honeecakes, I loved staying in to cultivate my business. I wake up some Saturday mornings at 5:30 to preheat my oven, while most were still asleep. I loved the fact that I was making money while many of my peers were spending it. Moreso, I loved the challenge that the title of “entrepreneur” entailed.

As an entrepreneur, there’s an unwritten work ethic that many won’t understand- it is not their job to. Those nights when you’re burning the midnight oil, those occasions when you have a business meeting in between your 10 hour workday and choir rehearsal, or while you’re studying for a final in the middle of compiling orders. It is a hustler’s code that many aren’t mentally built for. Some days you just won’t feel like it, that’s natural, but as an entrepreneur sometimes business trumps pleasure.  Many will only see the final product, not the process. To say it is easy being an entrepreneur would be pure fabrication, so would me saying I do it all alone even though I’m the sole proprietor of the business.  My support system (hey guys!) is truly amazing and keeps me going.  I wouldn’t trade this baking thing for the world! Trust me those who truly support you will pour into you and encourage your craft. For those reading this who have that burning feeling of always wanting to start your own company, what’s stopping you? My advice: plan and work your dream, research your market, and always remain passionate. I’m still learning too…



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