Stuck In Traffic…

Date - August 4, 2015 / Author - Andrea Dashiell / Category - Bakery, Business

I hate being stuck in traffic…

So much to the point where if I’m stuck in traffic I’ll call my GPS (aka my Dad) to help me find a way out of it. Sometimes he finds an alternate route for me to take, and sometimes I’m stuck.

Bumper to bumper. Waiting.

Often times when I’m stuck in traffic is because I left too late. I knew I had to be at X location by _o’ clock, yet I waited until last minute to A.) get up B.) get dressed C.) get gas/money from the ATM D.) all of the above. While being stuck in traffic is sometimes caused by things beyond my control such as an accident or harsh weather conditions, I must be cognizant of the numerous times I was stuck in traffic due to poor planning.

In terms of baking, many people don’t realize the time it takes to create a premium baked good, and honestly that’s ok. It’s not just butter, sugar, flour and eggs, its trips to Michaels, placing orders to Etsy and Amazon, and folding cake boxes as well. It’s the process of rolling, rising, yielding, molding, coloring, precision cutting, and decorating. It’s the process of time. Bakers who are serious about their craft love and appreciate having ample time to provide a quality product (well, at least we at Honeecakes do!)

With that said, Honeecakes Bakery is instilling a few “new rules” effective September 1, 2015 to ensure you, our amazing clients, receive the ultimate baked goods for your special occasion:

  1. All orders must be placed at least two-three weeks* in advance via the Honeecakes Bakery website contact or via email. The earlier the better! Text messages and in person orders will no longer be accepted. Of course Honeecakes is available via phone for all customer service needs, but a paper trail for inquiries prevents miscommunication.
  2. A 50% deposit for all orders over $85 is required.  All custom orders, as well as orders over the amount of $85 will receive a detailed Honeecakes Bakery Custom Order Form to be signed by both parties prior to . All orders will still have the ability to be paid via PayPal and cash.

We love to create memories for your baby shower, wedding, birthday party, sunday dinner, “just because,” and office functions! The reason for these “new rules” is to prevent both you and us at Honeecakes from being stuck in traffic. While we understand emergencies arise, Honeecakes will take each situation on a case by case basis and reserves the right to accept/deny said orders at our discretion. The instillation of these procedures dually a security measure for our time as well as yours.  The holidays are soon approaching and we’d love to avoid traffic, so the earlier the better (we’ll begin taking orders for the holiday season (Halloween/ Thanksgiving/ Christmas) around October.  We hope you all understand and we appreciate your continued support!


*For single/non-custom orders 5 days-a week but please use discretion, the earlier, the better!

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