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Date - August 14, 2015 / Author - Andrea Dashiell / Category - Hello

We just got an email about New Year’s Eve event… it’s August.

This only means that the summer is almost over, some have already started school (we start on the 31st, graduating in December yay!!) Reflecting back, one of the highlights of this summer had nothing to do with butter, sugar, flour and eggs…. I was honored with the title of “Guest Speaker” at the Georgetown University Entrepreneurship Institute.

Do you know how difficult it is to engage a classroom of tech loving aged teenagers? Whoo!

But with these phenomenal students it was a breeze! I came armed with cupcakes and my mom for support, and we had a fun filled interactive hour together. The students participated in an impromptu synergy creating exercise, where we took our individual talents and learned not only that everyone from the sports agent to the fashionista has an important role in the success of a business, but that combining their talents and businesses to create an even greater product is how big businesses kept their brands going! Once a few kids said “well I know how to ___” they had a business. It was that simple.  Watching them gain confidence had a ripple effect across the room and once the seminar was over, a few of them even skipped the dinner call to talk more about their business dreams and ideas. I stayed almost 45 minutes after listening, sharing, and connecting… what an experience!

Thank you Georgetown for having me, and thank you kids for reminding me to always keep dreaming… you guys made my summer a memorable!!

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