A Baker’s March Madness

Date - March 19, 2015 / Author - Andrea Dashiell / Category - Bakery

I don’t know much about basketball. I know enough and I’m ok with that. My mom however loves basketball… she’s a diehard Knicks fan and wears her Melo shirt win or lose. But for her, the NCAA’s March Madness trumps all sports wise. From the ticket to the “big dance” multiple brackets to the upsets, one thing i do know is these next few weeks of March Madness get intense

In the baker world it gets like that sometimes: madness. The last minute orders, the overheated oven, the 11 PM “I ran out of eggs!”…I could go further into said madness, but as I write this, it’s the night before the website launch and I’m so excited… SO excited about this! Honeecakes Bakery needed a change. Business is growing and my skills as a baker are improving tremendously. Giving the website a facelift is truly a tiny factor in the grand scheme of things, but I truly appreciate the feedback I know I’ll receive in the upcoming weeks!

Tonight on the first day of March Madness, I’m as cool as the other side of the pillow (Rest in Peace Stuart Scott!) waiting for the call that the website has gone live. As I hear a basketball game on downstairs, I’m not worried about an upset or the madness. I’m playing this baker game to win.

Honeecakes, Honeecakes, baker's woman...

Honeecakes, Honeecakes, baker’s woman…

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